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Albe's behavioral economics algorithm helps you accelerate

The Two Pillars of Credit\Loan Success

Say goodbye to credit history and hello to behavioral credit prediction and profiling

  • Approve more loans, fast
  • Approve the right loans
  • Tap into new, under-served segments
  • Real-time loan visibility
  • Behavioral monitoring
  • Proven predictive models
  • Throughout the entire loan cycle

How does Albe work?

Current credit rating models and technologies have very limited capacity to predict borrowers and applicants future behavior.
Albe is different in using:

Why Albe?

As an entrepreneur leading several Fintech startups, I understand that in order to truly transform the lending business, we must find a way to evaluate borrowers online and offer better credit and faster service. We strive to simplify and automate the process.. Albe’s algorithm could play a key role in this, as it enables us to make fast, automated decisions and reach new under-served segments while keeping credit risk in check.
Or Benon
Founder, Ourlend, Pipelbiz
The decisions to borrow and to pay back are driven by both rational and irrational factors, with short and long term implications. By understanding the dynamics of these drivers, Albe helps to build improved credit application and monitoring processes
A renowned behavioral economics professor and best-selling author (coming soon)
The algorithm worked well. Any applicant it rejected I agreed with.
Snir Daan
CTO & Product, Meitav Dash (Israeli nonbank lender)

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In 2020, Albe is planning to launch several pilots across the US in different sectors of the financial industry.

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